Thank you for all that you have done for Jennifer through your show. We, her family are greatly humbled by your caring and actions in helping us try to find her.

With respect and thanks,

Drew & Joyce Kesse (parents of Jennifer Kesse, )

I can't thank you all enough. I cried seeing Amos on the show and I am so grateful to you all for choosing to show Amos. We needed that national audience so much because I do believe that Amos is alive and out there but doesn't know who he is. Telco/Missing does so much more to actually help us find out missing loved ones compared to AMW...Missing is the giant with the heart, getting as many missing persons on the show as possible. Thank you all and please, a special thank-you to Alex...he is my hero.

Bless you all,

Margie (mother of Amos Mortier )
Madison, WI

This is Janice Smolinski mom of missing William Smolinski Jr. we want to sincerely thank you for airing Billy on your show from time to time. It is much appreciated, we are working continuously on a daily basis to get our answers and keeping this in the public eye is working tremendously. I wish your show could be aired on the east coast when more people could view it. Thanks again for your caring nature and thoughtfulness for all missing people. God Bless you for all your endeavors.

William Sr. & Janice Smolinski
Waterbury, CT

I want to say I think it is great that you not only show all these missing people but you also give parents tips on how to keep their kids safe. I watch "Missing" every week with my children, they hear it and come running in to watch with me. And we read the tips together and I answer any questions they may have. And they also watch the different scenarios towards the end and we discuss those too. It makes me feel better that there are people out there who really do care about the children and are able to bring this wonderful program on the air. Keep up the great work.

Thanks again,
(name withheld), CA

I want to thank you all and the shows that help the missing. I just hope that you continue to do this. I keep watching this to see if I might see someone I have seen. I pray for the families because I don't want anything to ever happen to my two children. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep being a blessing.

Virginia Beach, VA

We want to thank you for showing our daughter on "Missing". She was tormented by her biological mother without our knowledge and ran away. She was missing for three years and saw herself on your program. She felt that she would be arrested if she did not contact someone, so she called her father (my husband). We had been looking for her for three years with no help from her mother. For the first time in three years; we were able to actually sleep all night. She is now home safe with us. She as a restraining order on her mother and will keep her very close to us from now on. Thank you very much for putting her on TV. Without you doing so, she would have never called her father.

Lisa M.,

I woke up last night around 2:15 AM and couldn't fall back asleep, so I poped on the tv and caught your excellent program. It would be of greater success if you could piggyback Americas Most Wanted time slot. I know their on different channels across the U.S. but that would be the ultimate, and a good time slot also, at least in Pittsburgh PA. You can say that I caught your show by accident. Keep up the good work.

Pittsburgh, PA

I am a volunteer that had been working with the family of Yomari Mercado in trying to locate her. I am happy to inform you that Yomari Mercado has returned home safely. The mother and her family as well as myself wish to thank you for the help you provided in trying to locate Yomari guys are among those responsible for Yomari's safe return.

Paul T.
New York

I was looking up certain things on the internet, and saw a list of missing children that you had shown. I want to say thank you so much. I am hoping that when you aired my daughter that someone would have seen it. It has been since August 2003 since she has been gone. 2 birthdays have past and now coming up on 2 Christmas's. Just want to say thank you again. My daughters name is Tiffanie Field.

Sharon S .
Washington (NOTE: Tiffanie has been safely located)

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